2020 Aims

2020 is looming large and instead of promising myself that I will read more this year, I am promising you.

Yesterday I spent two hours tidying up my To Be Read list. I removed a number of books which I am no longer interested in reading and added a few more. It is often at this time of year that resolutions are made and are usually broken by the middle of January.

I am not doing that this year.

I am going to read 40 books this year (1.5 books per week) and I am aiming to review all of them on here. This is a big commitment for me as my aim in 2019 was 27 books, which I only just scraped by on 29 December.

My TBR list is not too large at the moment, but I know that reading in high volume tends to mean that you end up adding to your list. The bookcases at home are bulging and I have started keeping my TBR pile under my desk so it is easy to just grab my next book.

My usual genres are Fantasy, Crime, Thrillers and Young Adult, though I do pick up other genres and series of books on occasion.

I am hoping that reviewing the books for you and being able to discuss them will motivate me to read more and find some people who share the same tastes.

In preparation for this undertaking I have already started reading my first book of 2020 (shh….don’t tell anyone, it counts if you finish it in the year right?) which is a rather battered well loved copy of Mort by Terry Pratchett. This is not my first time reading the book but it is a book I enjoy and I felt it made sense to start with I book I already know I like.

Do you have any books that you enjoy every time you have read them? If so let me kow about them in the comments below.


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