My Favourite Under-hyped Series

Every reader, gamer and film watcher has their favourite series. For me growing up my favourite was certainly Harry Potter. As I have discovered more and more series, I have had a few new series to add to my favourites list, most of which you will have heard of.

Today, however, I wanted to write about a series that I love which I don’t think gets enough recognition. This may be because it did not become a worldwide phenomena but if you are looking for a good read to get your teeth into this might be a good one.

book covers of Skulduggery Plesant  by Derek Landy

The first book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy, is aimed at readers aged 11+ but don’t let that put you off, after all Harry Potter is aimed at a similar age range and most people love that!

The plot follows a Skeleton Detective and his human side kick who gradually learns to do magic. The books are filled with twists and turns, action and a side dish of humour. As the series goes on the plot gets gradually darker and more and more about the characters are revealed.

I love this series because of the way it is written and the unexpected twists and turns. The characters are well developed and the world that is built, is added to ours in a similar way as Harry Potter or the Shadowhunters world.

If you enjoy young adult fantasy series you should give this one a try. Plus as a bonus the first series is complete so if you find you do love it you can at least read all of it, waiting for the next one is one of my biggest pet hates.

Interestingly while I was researching this post I was pleased to discover that there is a second series which will probably at some point make an appearance as a review on here.

What is your favourite read that isn’t very popular? Why do you love it?


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