April Wrap Up

It has been an interesting month, and 2020 has so far been an extremely interesting year, hopefully the rest of the year is a little calmer and less challenging for everyone.  I have been one of the lucky ones who is still working. But I have realised there are great perks to working at home like the extra time for writing blog posts! 

April Warp up

I certainly feel as though I have pulled myself out of the slump I was in last month and I read 2169 pages this month.  I am hoping to increase that this month but we will have to wait and see.  I have officially finished 4 books this month, my favourite book of the month was Cress. As I really love how quietly determined her character can be.  

Cress by Marissa Meyer book three of the Lunar Chronicles

This month I completed 3 Reviews which I am hoping will be higher this month as I am most of the way through drafting the next one which should be out on Wednesday. 

My first review of the month was of Cinder by Marissa Meyer. The first book of the Lunar Chronicles and while I enjoyed it, the book only received four stars as the book does feel like build up.

The second review of the month was Scarlet, the second book of the Lunar Chronicles Series.

My third review was Cress as mentioned above.

I did write a few other posts this month which I have listed below in case you haven’t yet seen them.

Stardust: Film vs Book – this is one of my all time favourite films, and as I recently read the book I thought it only right that I took the time to compare them.

24 Young Adult Series to Read During Lockdown – given the current situation across the globe, there are many people who are currently at home with very little to-do so I thought when would there be a better time to do a list of series for those who love young adult books to read.

Choose your next book from your TBR – If your TBR list is anything like mine this post may give you some ideas on how to choose your next book from your TBR.

An Open Letter for Earth Day 2020 – It was the 50th birthday of Earth Day so I celebrated by sharing a few books that may help everyone be more infomred about the challenges faceing the planet.

An Open Letter on Shakespeare – Shakespeare’s birthday is 23rd of April, it is also widely recognised as his death day as such I thought it prudent to write a little about the Bard who has influenced so many pieces of literature.

Medievalathon TBR – this was an extra post on a non-sceduled day but I thought it woas important to publish it before Medievalathon offically started. If I do manage to get through all the books on my TBR it my take a few weeks to write up the reviews.  I will be updating on a daily basis on Twitter  so if you want to know how I am doing you can follow me @IndulgentReade1 

I have added a few more to my TBR list this month, when you are involved in a readathon it can increase your TBR I have found.

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