5 Reasons all Slytherins should Smirk…or Smile

I have managed to get this far in my book blog without mentioning Harry Potter so I thought my first post after my review of the Philosopher’s stone I would share my Harry Potter house.  I am a Slytherin. 

Now don’t unfollow me just yet, I am going to give 4 reasons that Slytherins should be proud and even happy to wear the silver and green of this proud house. 

5 reasons all slytherins should smile... or smirk


Now ambition can be a negative trait, but when it is focused in a specific place it is not entirely a bad thing.  Ambition can be shown in poor ways, but can you honestly say that you do not want a promotion at work? Or to run your personal best? Or to read more books than you did last year?  To be ambitious is not something which is inherently bad but it can drive positive things, in my case starting a book blog to increase how much I am reading.  


Anyone can set themselves a goal,  seeing it through to the end that takes determination. Be willing to do anything to achieve that goal,  get out of bed at 5 in the morning for your morning run, or do one more rep in the gym.  To succeed you often have to be aware that you may have to put blood sweat and tears into it, of it, some may even cheat or be underhanded to achieve their aims.  To be determined to achieve your aim gives you the drive to do so…how the drive is utilised is up to each individual.


Despite Slytherin’s apparent issues with morals on the whole the house is fairly intelligent. Ignoring the slight megalomania of Lord Voldermort  he pushed the boundaries of magic in a way that people had never thought of previously.  Severus Snape edited his NEWTs level potions book and created new non-verbal spells before he had graduated.  This is also shown in their success with winning the House Cup.  


 Those of Slytherin house have a win at all costs mentality.  Before Harry Potter joined Hogwarts Slytherin had won the House Cup six years in a row. Winning the house cup three years in a row could be a coincidence…but seven?  A number of those points will have been awarded during classes (due to their intelligence). It is also seen on the Quidditch Pitch, and while others may not like it, even Oliver Wood has this outlook in the third book suggesting Harry ride a curse broom as long as he catches the snitch before it throws him off. 


My favourite trait I have saved for last. Resourcefulness is useful in so many walks of life. Everytime I cook I have to overcome the problem that one of my hobs on the cooker does not work (it hasn’t since we bought the house and we have now learnt to live with it). I use it in my day job everyday where someone gives me a problem and I find one or more solutions for my manager or the individual involved.  This trait can be used for many things and being resourceful helps you to what you need done. 


  1. I like to think myself as a Ravenclaw, but from your post, Slytherin isn’t too bad either!


    • I have also started a blog on novels and reading…I would really appreciate if you could check it out.


  2. Good points! As much as I love the series, it does give a pretty simplistic portrayal of the houses, particularly Slytherin. Sure, there’s that moment when Harry counts Snape as “one of the bravest men [he] know[s],” but he (and Scorpius in Cursed Child) is pretty much an exception.
    Ultimately, why would Hogwarts even have a Slytherin House or accept Slytherin students if there was no potential for good?

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