Kingdom of Ash Review

I read this book during May and to be honest I have been putting it off.  Medeivalathon gave me the additional motivation to read this gigantic book.  I had been looking forward to reading the conclusion of the series but  such a large book can be off putting. 

The plots are mostly tied up in this book, there are a couple of questions which I don’t remember being answered but the conclusion to a series is very satisfying.  The vast majority of the storylines are neatly tied up and it feels that the characters will carry on with their lives forever changed by what had occurred. 

Kingdom of Ash Sarah J Maas; Thorne of Glass series

In this book we see a lot of character development, you can see each of them understanding what is expected of them and the leaders they want to be.  The relationships between the characters develop and from Choal and Aelin going from awkward aquentencies to good friend who are pleased that the other is happy in their relationship. To Manon and the witches who gradually start to respect her for more than being a brutal leader, 

As soon as I was on the second page all I wanted to do was keep reading.  Despite the length of the book it is perfectly paced. There are a lot of mysteries which are solved and brought up in this book.  There are some mysteries which were first highlighted over one book ago and once I picked it up it was all I could do to put it down for work or meals. 

Power is one of the themes in this book, and how it can corrupt.  This is something that at the moment is becoming clear. Maeve, the Queen of Doranelle is a great example of this.  She has been unchallenged as queen and that has caused her to start using those around her to improve her own standing.  Those around her eventually overthrew her but she had impacted on the world far too much by then.  It shows how those who speak out can have power.  If enough small voices speak out you can have a large impact.  Which is  important to keep in mind at these trying times. 

Another theme that I want to highlight is how the smallest decisions can make a difference. Aelin made a decision before the beginning of the series (and if you read the prequel you can read the whole story about it). A simple choice of helping someone to achieve their dreams. In this book you see the how important one decision can be.  Aelin paid for a healer to get her schooling. The impact of this changed the entire course of the world. 

I loved reading this book, but by the end of it I had a headache and felt as though I had been wrung out, I spent a lot of the time in the second half of this book crying, so you may need to have a box of tissues handy if you are planning you read it. 


I am giving this book a 5 star rating.  It was a strong conclusion to the series.  I will write a Series Wrap up so you should keep your eye out.  

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