What I think about Readathons

So In May I took part in my first ever readathon and I was full of skeptisim. I did not think that it would help me with my reading goals, though I wanted to take part to see how I did and if it helped to motivate me.  

In last nine days I have read a grand total of 47 pages so I think that the readathon had an impact on my reading. It may be a little fatigue as last month was very busy for me but had I been taking part in a readathon right now I think I would have more motivation to read. 

There are drawbacks to readathons which I am listing below but they are popular for a reason. 


Now prompts can be a good thing as they can force you out of your reading comfort zone.  In Medievalathon one of the prompts was to read a scary book. Now I do not really read horror as you are probably aware from my blog so far. I didn’t actually choose a book for this prompt however it did make me think that I should give a read of something that genre. 

So it is a great thing, but it does add to your to be read lists (which I have a love hate relationship with already).  Especially if you read something that you really enjoy and realise that you want to read more of that genre of your to be read list will expand. 

Interacting with others

This is great, being able to interact with other readers, everyone working towards the aim of reading more and in some cases reading wider than they usually would.  There are interactions on twitter or discord which allow you to have reading sprints and connect with others who you have a common interest with.  

However,  having a large group of people who love to read and have them share what they are reading means that you extend your reading list for those books that you have heard about for the first time. 


Readathons allow you to stretch yourself and your aims for the month, or three months or however long the readathon is.  It allows you to think about what you are planning on reading and aim for a certain number of books within that timeframe or the number of pages in that time. 

I will admit that the goal setting with a clear deadline is something that I love.  I have always loved challenges like that.  I wrote 100,000 words in november 2019 for Nanowrimo. Now all I need is a deadline for editing.  Saying that I am planning on reading more is a great goal, but not having a deadline to prove that you have done it or to put some pressure on you do follow through you may always procrastinate. 

I have decided I am going to complete another readathon (though I haven’t told my other half yet) called ‘Read the 2020 Olympics’ which you can find @readtheolympics and if this post has inspired you to complete a readathon let me know.  


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