Throne of Glass Series Wrap Up

I hope you all had a great week.  Sorry for this being a day late I  spent yesterday cleaning and reorganising the kitchen and clearing out items which we no longer need. 

If you have been following my blog this year then you will know that I have recently finished reading the Throne of Glass Series. The first book was a birthday present from my fiance and clearly I should take his book recommendations more often, 

Though it has taken almost 6 months to read the set of books it was worth it.  The plot was well paced and each book allowed the story to develop and become more complex.  While there are a few things about the books which are left unknown (unless you have read the prequel) the story is all nicely tied up with a neat bow.  This in some ways annoys me as life does not tie itself up neatly.  There are always bits that don’t work out perfectly,  characters who don’t know what they are going to do in the future, or don’t have their own happily ever after.  

The world building with his given from the beginning is not on a large scale,  you only really see Endovier and the Glass Castle,  as the story continues the world building becomes bigger and bigger.  Introducing some of the cultures within her homeland, to expanding to the southern continent to an area which has not been touch by the expanding darkness which we have seen previously.  

Another key thing about the worldbuilding which I liked was the clear rules regarding magic.  From the strength of it and how certain individuals need to tunnel into it to allow them to unleash their full powers.  It was nice how the rules were explained despite initially the magic having disappeared before the start of the story. 

The characters that we see in the story allows us to follow various characters throughout, we see Celaena who we late find out is called Aelin in all the books but one.  We see Dorian and Aelin improve their leadership skills, to become leaders to make wiser decisions and their diplomacy increases with each passing book.  I feel that one of the characters that develops the most is Manon and her Thirteen. Despite the way they were brought up to hate and be destructive, they are there for each other. In the beginning I hated Manon, she was too in love with herself to appreciate those around her.  However, she does end up appreciating those who have supported her since they all met.  

Despite not looking forward to reading it, the Tower of Dawn, allows you to follow Choal Westfall’s changes and allows you to further understand why he has such a specific outlook.  The healing that Choal goes through for his physical body means that he has to confront the darkness that he has been carrying inside of him.  

There are a lot of themes in these books, and I have discussed some of them in depth in my book reviews but I want to highlight  a few of the themes that I  felt were particularly key. Celaena is first and foremost a survivor and this is demonstrated throughout the series as she faces more challenging opposition in each book. This leads to her showing her cunning, how she approaches certain tasks, from winning her freedom, to recruiting armies to follow her in battle.  

Power is another key theme, from Dorian’s father in the first book who insists on having such strong control over his people that he hates Celaena for standing up to him to the power that Celaena has running through her veins and how there are people afraid of her. Power can corrupt and it is felt during the series that this is true.  Those who have been  in power for a long time are shown to be reluctant to concede it.  

Small apparently unmeaningful actions can have large consequences.  This is most clearly demonstrated with Yrene’s storyline, which is shared in book seven. If you have read any of the prequel it shares how important those small decisions the Celaena made and the massive impact that is within the story.  So please if you do take anything from this, think about how you treat others and support those around you whenever you can.  As you never know when that kindness can be repaid.  

This series is empowering and heartbreaking, it makes you smile and it certainly made me cry.  The ability for an author to take you on that rollercoaster is amazing and something that any writer hopes to do.  

If you enjoy young adult fantasy books this is a great option for you and the series feels well written and the connection you have with the characters as you go on this journey with them makes you want to continue to read the series. 


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