Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters By Rick Riordan

My Reading has picked up over the last few days, since I fully committed to taking part in the Read The Olymipcs 2020 Readathon.  I am very pleased about this as I was started to fall behind on my reading challenge.  But I started rereading the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan and I managed to read the first two books in three days and I am practically half way through the thirdp below is my book reivew of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

The plot of this book starts with a strong mystery, why was Percy attacked, who is his newest friend and why Annabeth turned up at Percy’s school, and that is just the first couple of chapters! 

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan Book Cover

In this book we are introduced to a friendly Cyclops who is claimed by  Percy’s father.  This leads to Percy not knowing how he feels,  when there was only him, while his cabin was lonely he was also special, but this new sibling means that he doesn’t have either of those any more.  As someone who is an older sister I can understand this feeling.  While I love my brother I remember what it was like to be an only child and it is true that you feel special, and that is somewhat tainted when you suddenly have an equal. 

During this book we learn more about Percy’s powers, as he does. A lot of this book is at sea which allows Percy to start to understand some of the powers that he has. I think one of my favourite gifts that Percy has is knowing exactly his coordinates in the ocean. I have the ability in most places to know where I am in comparison to the car. A skill which is useful is where I am when on holiday, especially before all of our mobile phones had a map on them.  

We also learn a little more about Annabeth and her clear discomfort with Cyclops despite being someone that you would expect to be accepting of diversity, she has an understandably rational fear.  

I really like the way that Rick Riordan writes.  As I stated in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief I am not a fan of books written in first person, I can find it difficult to suspend my disbelief and just sink into the book. This series however moves quick enough  that you are swept up in the whirlwind of the story and world building around you. 

One of the key themes in this book is  friendship. Percy insists that they have to go to rescue Grover.  Percy,Annabeth and Tyson, leave the camp without permission to go and save their friend.  They come face horrors and difficulties which all gave them a chance to return to camp, but they continued in the face of difficulties due to the bonds of friendship between the characters. 

The another key theme in the book is Good vs evil.  The book is a little darker than the previous one and allows you to see the growing evil around the demi-gods.  An I am excited to see how this continues to develop. 

This book made me want to instantly read the next book. As such I will give the book four stars. I am half way through Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse.  

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