Review: Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

As you may have noticed at the end of June I was on a Rick Riordan kick, and this book I read in a day. I wasn’t working so I was in my new favourite reading place, our hammock and just read all day.  

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan book cover

This book is the final installment in the Percy Jackson Series. This book sees Percy become sixteen and fulfil the Great Prophecy which was alluded to throughout the series come to pass.  We also see the gods come up against old foes and are forced into action. 

The characters we have followed throughout the series so far have all matured and in the case of Percy he is about to turn 16. This growth of character is shown through the maturity that they show when faced with choices regarding life and death and the potential impact this will have on their friends and the entirety of the city Mount Olympus is based in.  While they may question themselves they commit to a decision regardless of how difficult this is.  

Grover starts leading the Satyrs and spirits of nature, Percy leads all the cabins in battle and knows when the best times are to take advice.  Annabeth understood that family can be the most important thing whether chosen or otherwise.  The rest of the characters involved willingly overlook their differences to support each other and provide hope where there may have otherwise been none. 

This book is clearly the end of this series, though Rick Riordan did allow another prophecy for the Heroes of Olympus series which I will probably read soon.  I personally really like the way that the author writes,  the books are fast paced with enough mysteries presented early on to keep the reader not only second guessing themselves but makes you feel that the main characters are in a danger which they may not be able to overcome. 

I felt that one of the themes in this book is Family.  To some family are those that they are related to biologically or legally, to others they choose their family often being close friends that you know will be there no matter what. This book explores family dynamics, understandably the family dynamics between the immortal gods are complex and in some cases convoluted.  It also shows that those who go to Half-Blood Camp are there for each other, and consider each other family however distant the relationship may be.  

Another key theme explored is choice.  There are a number of key choices during the book which completely changes the outcome of the situation that they are facing.  One of these choices was a very difficult choice and altered the entire story.  Another key choice was presented to one of the gods, to decide to support their siblings or ignore what is happening and let the world they know crumble.  All of these key moments prove the power of choice and the impact a single choice can have on an outcome. 

This book satisfied me, all the plot lines were neatly tied together. I felt that the characters all had their deserved endings, and while there were some bittersweet moments the ending made me feel content. 


I will rate this book four stars as it is a satisfying ending and well written but I felt that while it was a great book I could have put it down. 

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