5 Reasons to be Happy you are a Hufflepuff

A couple of months ago I published an article 5 Reasons all Slytherins Should Smirk…or Smile and I have been thinking about Hufflepuff House recently. A lot of people in the books hate the thought of being a Hufflepuff more than almost any other house.  So I thought that I would ist % reasons you should be happy to be a Hufflepuff

5 Reasons to be a Happy Hufflepuff


This is one of the first things we hear about Hufflepuffs, but I think it is often overlooked.  Having someone’s loyalty, knowing they will be there for you regardless of what happens. It feels almost like a superpower.  I have friends that I know would be sorted into Hufflepuff, we can spend time arguing about politics or books or music, but I know they will be there for me when I need them.  This is demonstrated by Cedric in the Goblet of Fire, giving Harry a clue about how to solve the clue for the second task. He also does it by trying to share the Triwizard victory of Hogwarts, he was happy as long as Hogwarts won.  This kind of loyalty can be difficult to come by and it something that should never be taken for granted. 


This is one of the few Hufflepuff traits I feel like I have.  There are so many reasons to appreciate someone who is hardworking.  There are a lot of people in the world who always do the minimum required, whereas the humble Hufflepuff is not happy with that.  They do everything they can in the workplace, volunteering to help others and go the extra mile,.  We don’t get to see much of this demonstrated in the books but there are a few Hufflepuffs involved in Dumbledore’s Army which is in effect a club to help others ace their Defence Against the Dark Arts exam. 


This is not a trait I am gifted with, as you may have realised in my post earlier this week about Series Binging.  I have recently tried to start meditating but I only ever manage to stick to it for a week, thinking it really should have started impacting me by now.  I don’t think that this is is an issue that a Hufflepuff would struggle with, they understand that sometimes good things take time.  We get to see this with Cedric and his embarrassment during the Quidditch World Cup with how his father constantly sings his praises. Tonks one of the only Adult hUfflepuffs that we meet is very patient changing her nose to entertain everyone, something that she has probably been asked to do for years.  

Black and Yellow, Happy hufflepuffs


The Hufflepuff house is open to anyone. Slytherin only wanted purebloods (though there are a few halfbloods in there), Gryffindor only wanted the brave, and Ravenclaw wanted those with intelligence. Hufflepuff was happy with anyone. She was happy to teach anyone and this acceptance is reflected throughout the house. This probably links in with the loyalty that Hufflepuff’s have, once you are one of them you are accepted for being you. 

Strong Moral Code

Hufflepuffs often have a strong moral code. Slytherins aren’t above bending the rules when it suits them but Hufflepuffs would never do this.  Sticking to your morals is  important and once Hufflepuff’s have decided what their morals are they stick to them.  In the Prisoner of Azkaban Cedric offers a reply of the Quidditch match as there were other forces at work which influenced the game. This is part of the moral code being shown.  The ability to think that despite how the rest of the house would have reacted to this decision he preferred follow his moral code and offer a rematch.  

After writing this post I am now a little jealous that I am not a pat of this wonderful house.  The world would probably be a much better place to be if there were more Hufflepuffs in the word. Are you a Hufflepuff, do you agree with this list?  Am I missing any key traits, let me know in the comments.  


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