Making Reading Daily a habit

I will be honest, I haven’t picked up a book since Sunday.  As a book lover reading is needed… but sometimes life gets in the way so here are my hints to start that reading daily habit hopefully it will give me a kick up the bum to start reading daily again.  

Have a set time to read

It doesn’t matter what time this is or how long you put aside, but if you do something at the same every day it becomes a habit that you don’t think about.  Brushing your teeth and washing your face,  are both habits that you do without thinking about it because you do it at that time everyday.  

So I am going to go to bed half an hour early to read. 

Read for the same amount of time

You need to have a set amount of time in your head for how long you want to read a day.  10 minutes or 2 hours it doesn’t matter how long you want to commit to but it is important that you do so.  

Above I have said that I will be doing half an hour reading,  but you choose a length of time that you feel that you can do. 

Sometimes you will want to continue reading your book despite the fact that you have committed to has finished.  It is a good idea to put your book down.  It means that you will be excited to carry on reading and therefore be more likely to turn up tomorrow and carry on reading. 

Have a TBR list

I have discussed my love hate relationship of my to be read list but it is useful to have a list so you are never wondering what you would like to read next.  Never having to wonder what you will read next is something that is very useful when you are committing to making reading a habit. 

DNF Books

This is the item I find most difficult on this list. If you are not enjoying a book make the decision to stop reading. There is no shame in this decision. Rather than wading through a book that you aren’t enjoying you are making space in your life for a book that you could potentially love.  


This is something that I find particularly helpful when going for a run or writing fiction.  Having accountability of some description opens you up to feeling guilty for not being able to do something.  While I know I will not be able to commit to reading for half an hour before bed everyday for the rest of my life i do know that right now I can do so and so I am telling you that I will be doing so. 

I will try to keep you up to date with this journey on Twitter and if you want to follow this you can follow me here 

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  1. […] Making Reading a Daily Habit was a post that I have recently written, and despite promising everyone that I would be tweeting about it and actually making reading a habit, this has not happened. Mostly due to the fur baby that joined our home last month.   […]


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