Halloween Song Book Tag

I had everything planned out until the end of November, and I even wrote a Halloween based post about books for those who want to take part in Halloween but don’t like horror. But then Whispering Stories was kind enough to tag me into a Halloween tag and I couldn’t help but take part.

Halloween Song Book Tag

This was originally created by a beautiful chaos of books so I have linked to the video if you want to watch thiers!

1. Thriller:  A book that was a page turner

The most page turning book I have read this year was Kingdom of Ash ny Sarah J Maas.  While I may have delayed picking up the book and reading it, mostly as I was intimidated by its length (sitting at 980 pages) once I started it I read it in about 5 days.  I just had to know what happened next!

Kingdom of Ash, by Sarah J Maas, book cover

2. Somebody’s Watching Me:  a book that gave you the creeps

I don’t tend to read books that creep me out very often, uness I know I won’t be in the house by myself that night.  But one book that I read which really creeped me out was Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth.  I am planning on rereading it as I did enjoy it and it has been years since I read it, but it might not be until the nights are a little shorter.

Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth

3. Vampire:  a book you hated so much it was soul sucking

THis probably won’t be a popular opinion for those who love the classics, but Wuthering Heights was soul sucking for me.  I had to read it for my schooling but in the end I cheated and bought the cliff notes.  I did everything I could think of to read it but it was really not for me.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

4. I Put a Spell on you: A book featuring witchcraft or magic

Skulduggery Pleasant series,  the talking walking skeleton, the woman who can run on ceilings,  all of it adds up to a fairly magical experience.

Skulduggery Pleasant Book cover by Dereke Landy
Skulduggery Pleasant book Cover by Derek Landy

5. This Halloween: Your Favourite treat/Snack to eat while reading

I am actually writing an article on this for November, but I think my favorite food to eat while reading is some crisps (or chips for my american readers).  There is a satisfying crunch and sometimes the flavour you are eating compliments what you are reading, sometimes a little too well.

6. Time Warp: “Lets do the time warp again” What book do you like enough to return to at this time of year

My inevitable end of October read is the Hogfather, due to commitments in November (which I will be sharing soon) I like to get into the Christmas spirit early and the Hogfater in my opinion is the perfect way to do this.

The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

7. Hungry Like a Wolf:  A book you loved so much, you devoured

Whenever I devour a book they tend to be thrillers, and when I want a by the seat of my pants thriller I always go back to my Dan Brown collection.  There is something about the way he writes his books that makes it very difficult for me to put them down.

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

8. The Addams Family: A book featuring a dysfunctional family

Harry Potter – the Durlsley’s are a fairly dysfunctional family,  between Harry not really being acknowledged to Dudley being overly spoilt and everything in between it certainly is dysfunctional.

Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone by J K Rowling

9. Scary Monsters (and Super creeps): A book genre that you are scared or intimidated to pick up

I have never picked up a horror book, and I do not intend to after all I am easily scared.

10 The Twilight Zone:  A book with a completely different and Unique premise

Mortal Engines, while I have only read the first book, the idea of waring towns on wheels has always interested me since.

Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeve

I am not going to tag specific individuals as it is Halloween today but if you want to take part please do so and put the link below so I can see your responses! 


  1. Oooh nice answers! I cannot wait to read Kingdom of Ash (am reading Empire of Storms!) and I didn’t think of the Dursleys as a dysfunctional family… but now that I think of it- it is!
    Thanks for doing the tag!


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