2021 Aims

On new year’s eve in 2019 I shared my reading aims for 2020 and my first ever blog post! My main aim was to read more as I had been very discouraged by the amount that I had read that year.  I had no idea how much life would change during 2020, neither did a lot of people! I had a long list of goals and the challenge of the pandemic made some of these goals impossible.  It should have made reading more easier.  Hopefully 2021 will be less eventful as we slowly return to normal (hopefully).

Despite being stuck at home most of the year I haven’t achieved my reading goal (and unless I read 5 books tomorrow it isn’t going to happen!).  I will be completing a look back at 2020 but as we are a few days out from a new year I thought I would share my aims for 2021.  

New Year goals, photo by Ray Hennessy

I didn’t quite manage my Reading aims from last year,  I will be doing an annual review soon but this week I wanted to share my reading plans for 2021.  

Since I didn’t manage to read my 40 books in 2020, I have upped my reading aims to 50 in 2021.  You know what they say about goals, if you don’t meet them make them more difficult.  My TBR list has grown a lot over the past 12 months, from becoming more involved in the blogging world, and also the booktube world.  This has led to me seeing more books that I can’t help but think yes, I want to read that, or I haven’t heard of that author. What have they written? 5 series of at least three books they all need to be added to my list.  I am taking the opportunity of the break until the new year to realign my TBR list with my reading goals but I always worry about getting rid of a book from my list that I would love if I gave it a chance! 

I am also hoping to broaden my reading horizons in 2021.  If you have seen my Book haul from Christmas and my birthday you may have noticed a few adult fantasies which I have been encouraged to read.  I may also try to complete a couple more reading challenges, to help broaden my horizons so if you know any good ones please let me know in the comments.

This year I am taking part in The Backlist Reading Challenge.  As you are probably aware most people’s reading lists (or TBR’s) tend to expand exponentially. The Backlist challenge is there to help encourage you to read the older books on your TBR and you can find more information here.  I am planning on reading approximately 2 books per month which can be claimed for this challenge!

I am hoping that I will make a significant dent in my TBR list through doing this challenge, especially those that have been on my TBR for a while.  

My other main reading goal is to only read one book at a time. I have recently been feeling like I don’t ever seem to finish books so focusing on one book at a time should help with this.

My blogging goals for the year include learning more about WordPress and hopefully improving my blog appearance.  I also want to improve my work on social media as it tends to be on the bottom of my list.  Some of my personal goals include drinking more water, and ensuring I have one day off per week (which will mean planning ahead better for my blog!). I have also started a bullet journal so I may share a few images of that on social media. 

What are your goals for 2021?  Are you taking part in any reading challenges? Are you picking up a new hobby?

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