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Since I have read a lot of Rick Riordan in 2020 and I still have a few to go when I found this book tag I felt like I had to do it!  I first saw it here and since I was still immersed in the Mark of Athena when I spotted it I couldn’t help but include it in my plans.

Zeus – God of the Sky: Faveourite Book

This is almost impossible to choose so I chose my favourite read from 2020 which was Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas.  This was my favourite book last year as it exceeded my expectations.  I went into it not wanting to read it as I was so invested in a number of the characters that would not be included in this volume of the series, but I am very glad I did read it,  and I think it is probably my favourite book of the series.

Poseidon – God of the Sea: A book that drowned you in feels

A book that broke my heart last year and caused me to cry a river of tears was Kingdom of Ash.  I thought it would take me forever to read it but that was not the case,  the emotional journey that you are put through as the reader makes the 980 pages pass really quickly.

Hades – God of the Underworld: Favourite Dark book

I don’t feel like I read many dark books.

Hera – Goddess of Family and Marriage: Cutest Couple

In Skulduggery Pleasant Valkyrie’s parents are very lovely, not only are they besotted with each other but they appricate each other’s flaws, in particular her mother who puts up with a husband who can forget to put his shoes on when he leaves the house. It is adorable to see them together in small doses throughout the series.

Athena – Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy: Favourite Inteligent Heroine

This is probably true for a lot of people. but Hermione Granger is certainly my favourite.  She was my first role model showing intelligence as a positive influence. She not only keeps her firendship group togther, but faces discrimination and bullying  with grace and dignity.  She demonstrates that intelect can be more improtant than brute strength.

Gaea – The Great mother – Favourite world building book

Lord of the Rings is my all time favourite worldbuilding.  Tolkien loved languages and cultures and that was apparent in his books.  The Rohirrim based on Anglosaxon history, the dwarven runes, the beautiful script of the Elves, which even famous footbalers tatto themseleves with.  The history that he went into, so much so that he needed entire appendicies to share it all with you.  It is phenomenal and something that I am in awe of.

There are some more modern books where the world building is immersive and you can’t help but believe that it really exists but I don’t feel that there will be another world builder quite like Tolkien.

Aphrodite -Goddess of Love and Wisdom:  Most gorgeous cover

I love the covers of the Mistborn Trilogy.  I like the white covered with grey details, they are beautiful, and where a number of covers try to catch you eye by being full of bright colours, this series stands out because of it’s use of neutrals.

Ares – God of war and Battle: Most violent book you have read

I don’t tend to read books that make me squemish, while I do read about epic battles they are very rarely in the graphic detail of individuals being maimed, or injured.  I have read a few Lee Child Jack Reacher novels which can be violent but more often on an indivdual basis.

Hephaetus – God of Blacksmiths and Flames: Hottest book you’ve ever read

Oddly this is probably The Girl with a Pearl Earring for me.  The tension between the characters,  the expectations of those around them and the wide reaching impact of the apparent relationship.  While it is not hot in the traditional sense the cultural expectations of the time for modesty brings out the impact of what is happening all the more.

Artemis – the Virgin goddess of the hunt:  A heroine who doesn’t need a man to save her

Tannith Low from Skulduggery Pleasant certianly fits this bill, she is incredabily independant and just as comfortable with a book in her hand as a sword. She can also throw a very goos punch.  She also know what she wants and how to get her own way.

Apollo – God of music, light and healing: A book that is the exception to a genre you don’t like

Frankenstien by Mary Shelly.  I read a lot of fantasy some of which can be a little gothic but this is is very gothic and also science fiction and horror, neither of which are genres I particularly read, however this book I really enjoyed.  This book is one that I was required to read for my schooling and I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. 

I want to give an honorable mention to The Kite Runner.  This is another book that I had to read for my schooling and I loved it.  It is another book that I would not have chosen, as i knew that it would cause me to cry. But it was such a good read that I would recomend it to anyone who hasn’t read it. 

Hermes – God of messages, travelers, and thieves: A book that stole your heart

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I am amazed that I have got this far through the list without a Harry Potter book yet!).  The final book of the Harry Potter series was an end of an era for me.  It was very prevalent in my life and as someone who grew up with it, I was egarly anticipating the final installment, and also dreading it.  The ending was almost perfect for me, it is a series that I love to go back and read but the final book will always hold a special place in my heart.

Hestia – Goddess of Hearth and Home:  a book you go back to for comfort

Either the Harry Potter Series or the Percy Jackson series.  I will admit that both make me feel settled, but it does depend on my mood.

Demeter – Goddess of agriculture and fertility – a favourite book setting

There are a few places that I desparately want to go to but the one that tood out in my mind was the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.  I want to sit next to the roaring fire with a glass of butterbeer my nose buried into a book. The pub sounds cosy in all the descriptions you see and being in the magical world is a great bonus. 

Dionysus – God of wine and ritual madness – A book you’re crazy about

A book I have been crazy about is Throne of Glass.  The first book of the Throne of Glass series is a great set up for the series and it has enough action and mystery to keep you reading.

Nemesis – Goddess of Revenge – Favourite Revenge story

Murder on the Orient Express. This book is a murder mystery where the person is killed for revenge.  I don’t want to share too many details as if you haven’t read it but it is a great story!

Nike – Goddess of Victory – Best Series conculsion you’ve ever read

The Return of the King has to have this crown. The ending is perfect for the story and I like the appendicies to give some more future history for the series. 

Hypnos – God of Sleep – A book that put you to sleep

Wuthering Heights,  I DNFed it by chatper twelve. I tried everything I could think of to get myself to enjoy it but I couldn’t and it made me fall to sleep.  In the end I got the spark notes for the book so I could still do ok in my exam.

Iris – Goddess of the Rainbow  – A book with LGBTQ+ main characters

In young adult fiction this is a lot more common, and I shouldn’t have found this difficult, but I did.  I then realised that the Mortal Instruments Series will cover this topic.  Alec, is one of the six main characters and appears in all the books (at least the ones that I have read so far), we also get to see him become more comofortable in his sexuality during the series.

Hecate – Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft – A book with a unique magic system

I personally think that the magic system in Skulduggery Pleasant is fairly unique. I like that when you are younger you get to experiment iwth the different forms of magic, but as you grow older your flexibility changes and you have to commit to one form of magic. There are a lot of different brnaches of the system and some of them are something that you are called into, somthing that calls to you.

Hebe – Goddess of youth: A book you loved to read a a child

I have two favourtie books as a child. I do not like Green eggs and Ham buy Dr Sueuss and Geroges Marvellous medicine by Rhald Dharl. Green eggs and Ham always made me smile as it is very silly, and has a lovely rhymying structure which makes it a joy to read.  George’s Marvellous Medicine i found amusing, it is a very silly book where he mxes everything he possibly could and sees what happens. 

Hopefully I will finish the Heroes of Olympus Series soon but this was a lovely Tag that certainly fit my blog in recent months.  If you want to take part please do so and leave the links below!

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