January Wrap Up and February TBR

While the days are blurring together and we can’t really do much time seems to be slipping through my fingers. I feel like every month I say I can’t believe we are already at the start of a new month, and while it is true some of that is probably due to not being able to do anything. Not being able to experience new things, or even go and sit in a café and have a hot chocolate. However managing to sink into multiple books and connect with people over the internet certainly makes lockdown easier. Hopefully soon everyone will be able to go about our normal lives, even if there are a few changes, just being able to go to the library right now would be appreciated.

One advantage of lockdown is that I have managed to read 1822 pages during this month. I was shocked when I realised, I feel like I could have read more as well which is great. I have finished 3 books this month and while I was hoping to squish one more book in at the end of the month it proved to be slightly too long. This month I have realised that I seem to choose thicker books than I can possibly get through in one month so I may need to address that at some point and start reading slightly shorter books!

I am trying to spend one day per month writing for my blog (which is not going to happen very often I don’t think unless I take a day off work to do it!) so I haven’t yet written reviews of all of my reads of the month, but I think my favourite book of the month was Fate of Crowns. As I am writing this I was just given the sequel as an ARC so I am hoping to have read that be the time that this post is live!

The Fate of Crowns by Rebecca Garcia, book 1 of the Fate of Crowns series.

I shared my two Backlist reads for January and I have read one of them! Which I am feeling very pleased about, however since I enjoyed it so much I will need to read the sequels, so that was a net gain on my TBR list!

My Medievalathon reads are not going great. I have only read one book for it, and I haven’t really been doing the prompts in order. I have read a book for prompt three and I am half way through my second. Hopefully I will manage to finish a third book even if if isn’t one I hadn’t previously listed!

I wrote the following Book Reviews this month:

Fate of Crowns by Rebecca Garcia, this was my first read of the year and I really enjoyed this new release

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan, it feels ages since I read this as I finished it in December but I enjoyed the book, as I do with most Rick Riordan books.

I also wrote these posts:

Since January is all about the goals that you have for the year I shared a couple of goals related posts for 21 books I want to read in 2021 and Why I am only reading one book at a time.

I also completed two Book Tags, I may find some more to complete in the next few weeks. The Greek Mythology book tag as soon as I saw it I realised I needed to complete it as I am such a fan of the Greek Mythology series by Rick Riordan. As I was a massive fan of Harry Potter growing up the Ultimate Harry Potter Tag needed to be shared.

My Backlist reads of the month are

A Wizard of Earthsea

The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin

I was bought the first four books in an omnibus edition, but I am going to treat them as separate books. I am looking forward to these as they were bought for me alongside the Throne of Glass series which I read last year if I enjoy it half as much I will still be pleased.

Small Gods

Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

I wanted to read a few more Terry Pratchett books this year, and while Thief of Time this year, I also think that I should read the Terry Prachett books I already own, so Small Gods will be read this month.

I am also going to do my best to read The Final Empire as I am already one book behind what I said I would read this year!

I have chosen the shortest month of the year to squeeze as many different books in as possible! Hopefully I will actually manage to read the over 1600 pages this month!


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