Reading Outside your usual Genre

Everyone has genres they prefer, you may prefer reading romance, or sci-fi. You might like horror and Thrillers. But one of the advantages of reading is that you can experience new things, which right now is a novelty. I love reading fantasy, the ability to slip into a new world and forget everything around you is amazing. But there is also something nice about slipping outside your usual genres to try something new.

I read something a few years ago (and was unable to find a link to the site) but is was talking about how new experiences can make time appear to pass slower, this could be walking a different way to work or trying something new. This is why when you are a child time seems to pass so slowly in comparison to you now This is even more obvious when you are being encouraged to stay in your home and not see anyone.

As such I started thinking about potential new experiences that you can have from home, and being a reader from your armchair you are constantly experiencing new things, some of them you may have seen from other point of view, some you will never have thought of. Exploring new genres can help you to experience new things even during lockdown.

As you may be aware if you have been following me, this year I read my first Horror, Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth. Had it not been lockdown I may not have chosen to read that book, which would have been a shame since I enjoyed the book. My disclaimer here is that I may not decided to read many other horror books, but I have at least dipped my toe in the water.

There are a few other books that are on my list (you should see reviews coming out soon) which may not have been had I been able to go out and about, to see people, visit cafes, go to the seaside. Instead I will be living vicariously through my library. If you have any suggestions of books you think I might enjoy let me know in the comments and I may add them to my list to read in the future!

I hope that this small post has encouraged you to see what potential there is still still try new things even if you are stuck at home! If you try it please let me know how you found the experience in the comments.  


  1. I agree. Sometimes, trying new things and crossing your limits when it comes to genre can do good. I also recommend writing outside your usual topic or genre, since I figured I’m great at writing realistic fiction rather than fantasy YA — who’d have known, given that I like to read so much YA and fiction? Thanks so much for sharing!


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