March Wrap up & April TBR

I took a couple of weeks off blogging at the end of March.  My blog has recently started to feel like something I have to do rather than something I enjoy doing. This doesn’t mean that I won’t carry on writing and sharing my reading journey I just need to work out how I am going to balance it.  However during my time off I did hit 100 followers which made my day when I found out! So thank you for signing up to follow me. 

During March my reading did plummet in comparison to previous months with the number of books I managed to read.  I only finished 2 books during March which means I am behind schedule by 2 books for hitting 50 during 2021. I did read 963 pages during the month though which is a positive. The majority of these were in one book, which also happens to be my favourite book of the month. 

Well of Acsension by Brandon Sanderson, Book two Mistborn Trilogy

My favourite book of the month was Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson, the second book in the Mistborn Series.  I found it difficult to put down and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am reading the final book of the trilogy this month which I am really looking forward to.  I may need to go out and buy a few more Brandon Sanderson books as he is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors.  My only issue with his book is they are so long!

I usually post links at this point to everything I wrote during the month, but I only wrote two posts (other than February’s Wrap Up) so it seems a little silly to do so this month! 

I did commit to reading The Well of Ascension for my Backlist TBR for March, so I did manage to hit one goal!  Small Gods however wasn’t read, I am hoping that the better weather that is coming will help me to read a little more as I soak up some much needed sun.  

My April Backlist TBR 

The Hero of Ages

Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson, book three, Mistborn Trilogy

I have made a small start on this book (I am about 20 pages in so far) but I am loving it, I am hoping all the story lines come together nicely in this book.

Small Gods 

Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett, a Discworld Novel.

I am including this as I have moved it along twice now.  I am going to keep adding Small Gods until I actually read the book! 

I do have a couple of other books in mind for the month, but they are unfortunately not included in my Backlist challenge for the year.  I might try and finish off the Heroes of Olympus series, I only have two books of that series left so I am hoping to have another series wrap up available soon.  

What are your reading plans for April?  The lockdown rules in the UK are gradually reducing which I have a feeling will impact on the time I have to read.  


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