About Me


I am a book nerd.  I have loved reading since I was a child.  If you didn’t find me outside playing football with the boys I was curled up in my room with a pile of Teddy bears and a book (often to my father’s irritation). While what I read has developed over the years I still love to read. I also occasionally see a book on the bookshelf which my other half owns which I can’t resist reading any more.  

I started Indulgent Readers so I could share my reading journey with you, and hear some of your thoughts and opinions about the books I have read. I used to love writing about books but until I started my blog I hadn’t done it since leaving school. But I am once again writing about books which is great. 

While I do have a wide range that I am willing to read I can usually be found reading young adult fantasy.  I do also enjoy reading thrillers and crime stories, and very occasionally I will try a classic. (I usually aim for at least one per year). 

My favourite young adult books so far are Harry Potter and anything by Rick Riordan or Sarah J Maas. 

I don’t like reading most Victorian authors as I find they waffle and it drives me crazy, with some descriptions, I can forget how they started.  I am yet to try reading horror, mainly because I like sleeping at night but I may give it a go soon.  

When I am not busy with my nose in a book I enjoy cooking, writing fiction and being outside (though ideally not in the pouring rain) 

If you want to keep up with what I am reading and my thoughts and opinions on reading-related topics please subscribe.  

See you soon