Review of City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

I know I said that I would be changing the fandom I was reading about but that didn’t go as planned…I reverted to the Mortal Instruments Series. One of the reasons for this is because I have been reading three books at once… meaning that when it came time for me to post I didn’t have a review ready to go, so I picked one of my ongoing books and committed to it.

I read about half of it in one day which is a lovely way to read a book, it is why I tend to read so many books when I go on holiday.

Book coverof City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare, book four of the Mortal Instruments series

From the start of this book, it was clear that Simon was going to play a bigger role in this part of the series than he had previously. The start of the book shows Simon sitting in a restaurant, waiting for a date. I felt that the start of the book is slow and I was tempted to put it down and concentrate on something else but after a few chapters the tempo starts to increase, and before long it felt like I was being dragged along a placid looking river by a dangerous current.

The book continues to look at good verus evil, and the moral challenges that you can face, in Simon’s case he doesn’t want to feed on human blood but it is made clear in the story that fighting against nature can be useless… like me not reading this book….

There were a number of twists and turns in the plot which I did not predict unlike within the previous three books, and as each is revealed the tension that the author manages to build gets just a little bit higher.

I was very impressed that in a specific scene the setting really reflects the mood of both romance and despair, regardless of the fact that the two scenes were written in the same setting. I felt it was a very cleaver bit of writing.

In this book I started to really relate to Isabelle’s character. I love how sarcastic and sassy she is and that she is a strong female, who while she is happy to have ‘girl’ talk, she is just as comfortable with her weapons in her hands. You also get a better glimpse into Jace’s character and how despite his arrogance you start to understand that he is hiding his insecurities, which in my opinion make him much more rounded and likeable.

I also enjoyed reading a little about Magnus Bane’s background, and it highlights just how sad it could be to live forever, to see all your loved ones pass away and be the only one remaining.

I like how the author builds tension slowly but effectively, making the reader want to read on, pulling you into the ever darkening world filled with deamons and the creatures of nightmares.

I really enjoyed this book and would give it four stars. Now I may well have to finish the series before I move on to a standalone or a different series.


Have you read this what do you think of it?

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