May Wrap Up

So May is over and so much has happened in this year so far.  I can’t believe we are almost at the halfway point for the year. During MayI took part in Medievalathon, and it was my partner’s birthday, which resulted in a rather large burn on my arm when baking him a cake.

From a reading point of view it has been a while since I have felt that I have read that many books in a month and I still have my list for the readathon so I will attempt to get through the large number that I missed during June.  

Despite me only finishing four books this month (and starting the fifth) I managed to read 2239 pages in a month and finish the Throne of Glass series.  The Kingdom of Ash is 980 pages which is practically half of the pages I read.  

Kingdom of Ash, Throne of Glass series  by Sarah J Maas

My favourite book of the month was Kingdom of Ash as there has been such a build up to the ending of the series for me and the plot certainly lived up to the length of the book.  I promise I will post the book review and series wrap up soon. 

My first review of the month was Winter by Merissa Meyer, the final book of the Lunar Chronicles series. 

My second review of the month was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling.  This was one of my reads for Medievalathon, and was for a book which has yellowed over time (not surprising when your version is over ten years old). 

My next review was Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas.  This book was my shock book of the month.  I had been putting off reading this book as from the covers it is clear that this book does not follow the main story line. This was a brave thing to do as an author and it does work very well. 

My Third and last review of the month was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling.  This is my least favourite of the Harry Potter series, and I am pleased that I have already started the next one which in my opinion is a much better book.

I did write a few other posts for the month which I have listed below. 

I wrote up my thoughts and feelings on the Lunar Chronicles Series in my first ever series wrap up, though thinking about it I am a little disappointed it has taken me 5 months to finish a series.  

I outed myself as a Slytherin in my 5 Reasons all Slytherins should Smirk…or smile luckily everyone was pretty accepting of this. 

I wrote my most popular blog post every about if my blog is helping me to meet my reading aims.

I also wrote a post on why I reread books, which I have done a lot of so far this year, I do branch out and once I have finished my reading list for Medievalathon I will look for some books that I haven’t read before.  Though there are a few on the list anyway.  

I have finally gone through my TBR list to reduce it by a few, but I can see the number sneaking up once again! 

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