Revel in Being a Ravenclaw

While I may be a Slytherin at heart I do have a soft spot for Ravenclaws, in fact my fiance is a Ravenclaw. So I thought today I would follow up my 5 Reasons Slytherins should Smirk… or Smile, and 5 Reasons to be a Happy Hufflepuff.  With why you should Revel in being a Ravenclaw. 


This one drives me crazy,  Racenclaws tend to be very witty.  I must admit evening meals are never in silence and are littered with puns and quotes from various places.  This means that conversation with a Ravenclaw is often wide ranging and full of quick witticisms.  You don’t really see this trait in the books, but Hermione, who should probably be a Ravenclaw can be shown to be very witty in the books.  


Another thing that Ravenclaws have is wisdom.  This is particularly seen with Luna and her conversations with Harry. Despite Luna being a little unusual she always captures the problem that Harry is having and provides advice to him without him really realising until a little later the full impact of her wise words.  Being wise isn’t something that you shouldn’t overlook,  people will come to you for advice which can be overwhelming but something you should embrace as being wise can often mean that the advice you provide is fairly good. 


This is a trait that a number of people have but Ravenclaws can think outside of the box.  Being creative isn’t just being able to create beautiful art, or being able to write books that move people emotionally or intellectually. It is also being able to problem solve, being able to look at a situation from all angles to work out the best solution with the items that you have access to around you.  Luna is one of the most creative characters is the Harry Potter Series, making her own earrings and dresses,  she is also good at problem solving which all Ravenclaws have to be to enable them to get into the tower.  


This one should be fairly obvious to you, but if not… Ravenclaws are intelligent.  Now there are some advantages to being intelligent,  being intelligent academically is good as performing well in school can help you achieve more in your working life.   But you can have emotional intelligence,  being able to understand your and other emotions is a skill that can often be overlooked. So regardless of the types of intelligence you have you shouldn’t feel inferior, you should appreciate all the intelligence that you have as those around you probably do to. 


As a Slytherin this is a trait I can truly appreciate.  Being competitive may often be looked down upon as a negative trait, people putting others down for their own gain, However competitiveness is a trait that is admired in pro-athletes and in some workplaces.  Being competitive can drive you to be your best self, so don’t feel guilty for this trait, 

I hope to finish the book I am currently reading by Wednesday so you should have a review then.  In the meantime enjoy the start of Autumn, have a hot chocolate and read. 


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