Reading Slump vs Switching off

This week I wanted to speak about your reading expectations and the pressure that readers or book bloggers put on themselves to consume as many books as possible. I have shared my reading goals for the year, which is reading almost one book per week.

This week I have felt like I needed to take a break from reading. I have instead been binge watching on Netflix. Some of this is due to work related stress, I just wanted to unwind and switch my brain off. This has led me to feel guilty all week as I haven’t picked up a book.

While I do love reading sometimes everyone needs a break and reading can take more brain power than watching something, especially when I take notes on all of my books so I can share a well thought out review for you. This means that I can’t just ignore the world completely when I am reading.

I wouldn’t say that I am in a reading slump, I am really enjoying the book that I am reading at the moment but I needed a break.

I think a lot of book blooggers can throw around the words ‘reading slump’ and I know that I have a post on how to get out of a reading slump. But sometimes we all choose to consume other content. While I have been on netflix, the other content could have been, YouTube; Fanfiction; Gaming; TV and sports. There are other forms of content but those are the ones that I can be found doing.

Being able to give ourselves a break is something that we all should do. So I am going to take the rest of the day to look after myself. Luckily I am off work next week so I should be able get on top of my reading and enjoy a bit of leisure time.

I hope this has inspired you to take a break and look after yourself occasionally. Let me know what you have done to look after yourself today!

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